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Postnatal Pilates - Level 1 Series:

This series of short videos has been specifically designed for those coming back to exercise post birth.

Good for: re-activation of the core muscles post birth, overall strengthening, abdominal muscle separation, back pain, achy shoulders and neck, muscle rebalance.
These videos emphasise correct technique and positioning for early postnatal exercise.
Videos in the Postnatal Pilates Level 1 Series can be used interchangeably and can be performed every day
following a postnatal check at ( 6-8 weeks following a vaginal birth and 8-12 weeks following a C-section).


Pilates for Lower Back Pain - Stages 1&2 :

These instructional video's are designed to activate and strengthen the core muscles and address overall muscle balance.

The videos must be used in stages:

Stage 1 should be used first and consists of gentle bodyweight exercises with minimal load. Clear instructions will help you to maintain stringent technique and optimal form.

Stage 2 should only be used once the user is familiar with and able to perform the exercises in stage 1 with ease. before using Pilates to strengthen the core muscles. These videos are suitable for beginners and all levels of experience.
These video's are not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Caution: if using these videos triggers back pain - please discontinue use and seek medical advice before using them again. Discontinue use and seek advice from your doctor or physiotherapist you are experiencing pain, tingling or numbness in the legs, buttocks or groin.



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