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Postnatal Pilates - Level 1 Series

videos for the early Postnatal period

These, expert, targeted, short videos will safely and precisely guide you through

first exercises before you move on to other fitness activities. more...

NB: suitable after you've had your postnatal check and all is well; 6-8 weeks following

a vaginal birth and 8-12 weeks following a CS.

Have any questions or want to book in for a Zoom/ phone consultation or one on one live personal training session with Susanna? Get in touch to book by emailing:

Have questions? get in touch:

What makes these videos different from other available Postnatal video subscriptions is that they’re tailored to the immediate Postnatal period (but after you've had your check) when depending on their condition, women can feel a bit ‘wobbly’ for want of a better word. These videos are very targeted for that time, to put the woman in good stead for safely emerging with her musculoskeletal health in tact before moving onto other more general level Postnatal exercise regimes. 

Postnatal Pilates levels 1-3 &

Postnatal Cardio classes


(Zoom class recordings)


Get access to the 2020/21 video archive of:

-Postnatal Pilates (including adaptations for beginner to advanced levels 1,2&3).


- Adapted HIIT (Cardio interval training class with adaptations to suit the postnatal period and for those who want a low impact alternative). Get a sweat on at your own pace!


Access is £22 per month

To request access for over 30 recordings of Zoom classes from 2020/21

Zoom Consultation and sessions (live via Zoom one to one)

Zoom Consultation and session 1.5 hrs £67.00

Zoom PT session 1hr £45.00

One to one fitness training can yield great results.

Start with a consultation where Susanna can assess your needsin areas such as:

- your current posture type and what's needed

- check for abdominal separation

- exercise and relevant health history

- discuss your goals

- recommendations made


The Exercise session will commence after the 30 min consultation if all is well.