Zoom class recordings from 2020/21 archive subscription

3 months access for £22

Get access to the video archive of Postnatal friendly classes.

Classes include:

-Postnatal Pilates (including adaptations for beginner to advanced levels 1,2&3).


-HIIT or MIIT/LIIT (Cardio interval training class with adaptations to suit the postnatal period and for those who want a low impact cardio workout).


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Instructional videos to rent and download

Looking for some first exercises after having a baby?

Try these, slower, targeted, short videos to safely and precisely guide you through the technique.

Postnatal Pilates is the perfect place to start post-birth to physically regroup.

Feeling a bit achy and stiff after the long journey of pregnancy and birth? Need to correct your posture and build your core strength safely and with best technique?

Rent or download these specialist videos to start back on track.

NB: suitable after you've had your postnatal check and all is well; 6-8 weeks following a vaginal birth and 8-12 weeks following a CS.

Have any questions?

email: info@pilatesmatclinic.com

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