Videos to treat back pain with exercise | Postnatal Pilates| Low impact Cardio

PILATES Mat Clinic

video library

videos in the library include:

  • Pilates for lower back pain - Levels 1 &2

  • Postnatal Pilates - level 1 series

  • HIIT cardio level 1,2&3 class archive * (adapted with low impact options and suitable for postnatal)

  • Postnatal Pilates - level 1,2&3 class archive *

A treasure trove of
specific, evidence based exercise

made by an experienced Pilates instructor and PT; Pilates Mat Clinic's video library will be all you need for exercise in the postnatal period, managing non-specific lower back pain and posture.

  • Short instructional videos with precise technique in Postnatal Pilates and also for Managing Lower Back Pain

  • An archive of Postnatal Pilates classes and HIIT (cardio adapted for the postnatal period)