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About Pilates Mat Clinic

Pilates Mat Clinic was set up and is run by Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer Susanna Sparrow.

Susanna is an 'Exercise Specialist' personal trainer and class teacher with 20 years experience in teaching exercise. Susanna has helped hundreds of women with diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation), lower back pain and in regaining their core strength post birth. Susanna has made a series of videos to help treat lower back pain. 

At the beginning of her fitness career Susanna was qualified in teaching aerobics and body conditioning group classes and later retrained in Pilates and Personal Training to 'exercise specialist' level, and also exercise on referral for medical conditions. In 2019, she joined the Camden and Islington Exercise on Referral for medical conditions team managed by Aquaterra leisure. In Jan 2022 Susanna will take on the role of Get Active Specialist - with Camden Council and twill continue teaching her own Pilates classes in the community via Zoom, producing Pilates videos and digital content.

Susanna has worked for many commercial gyms and public leisure providers including Better Gyms (London wide), PureGym, Aquaterra Leisure, Virgin Active, Fitness First, LA Fitness, Evolve Wellness Kensington.

Susanna works as a 'Get Active Specialist' for Camden Council; seeing patients at GP surgeries. In her role, she employs evidence based 'Behaviour Change' techniques to increase the physical activity levels of inactive patients with a long term medical conditon.

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